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Imagine a supplier that takes care of the ENTIRE SUPPLY CHAIN.

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Your best partner

Meta ideas offers 360 services in procurement and advertising gifts.

Meta ideas is a leader in the procurement and sourcing sector with years of experience and a preferred outsourcing partner of large global companies.
We generate value propositions with specific ideas that fit your campaigns. We take care of the entire supply chain including production, import, customs clearance and delivery to your warehouse in any country applying our CSR standard. QA, legal compliance, fulfillment standards.

100% Responsible
100% Responsible

All Meta Ideas productions are made in factories audited by the world's largest quality control companies in compliance with corporate social responsibility.

Your Sustainable Partner
Your Sustainable Partner

We are definitely your best ally to protect your brands and achieve your goals. We want to be your preferred partner in everything you need..

Security Guarantee
Security Guarantee

Company accredited by the Ministry of Health for the importation and distribution of food contact materials.

We deliver worldwide

We deliver worldwide

Our Global Reach allows us to deliver to any country or region.


Ecological and sustainable materials
This is where it all began!

In 2003 our client Coca-Cola asked us for an alternative to the use of PVC for their productions. After many trials we created new products in PEVA and since then we are pioneers in the production of different ecological and sustainable materials promoting the circular economy.


Vinyl acetate and polyethylene was developed as an alternative to PVC and can perfectly replace it in many articles. It is odorless and biodegradable while PVC becomes toxic and remains in nature for hundreds of years.

Recycled Textiles
Recycled Textiles

They have always been used to reduce costs. Conscious of sustainability, their use is widely accepted by the new generations.

Cereal Cane
Cereal Cane.

We use the leftover stubble after harvesting and mixed with polymers we get the bioplastic to produce countless items and it is also recyclable.


Recycled plastic that is manufactured in sheets, and can be thermoformed to create various promotional items reducing the carbon footprint in the process while giving it a new life..

Procurement and Promotional Items

Focus on what's important

Let us help you as a PARTNER of your department, and rest assured that we will be by your side at all times.

Gorra Cocacola

Promotional Products

Discover our ECO catalog


Promotional Products

Discover our ECO catalog


We create incentives that generate value.
Mash Up: we connect divergent ideas into possible solutions.
If it doesn't exist, we create it.


Travel Pack

Promotional Products

Discover our ECO catalog


The Corporate Social Responsibility and SUSTAINABILITY are vital issues in business competitiveness, so we invest in the future by approving our suppliers whose products are of interest in our productions.


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Optimize your processes with Meta Ideas

How Meta Ideas can help you

  • Proposals within 24 hours for your internal customer.
  • Fast quotation 24/48 hours average.
  • Go to market before your competitors.
  • Compliance with the legal regulations of each country.
  • Quality controls throughout the supply chain. We protect your brands.
  • Large number of factories audited.
  • Open window for cost reduction in other markets of the company.
  • Ask us what you need. We take care of it.
  • Visible savings from the beginning.
Huella Carbono

We minimize our carbon footprint and that of our customers.

We try to minimize our carbon footprint by encouraging the use of sustainable materials that can also be recycled to give them a new use, thus promoting the circular economy of our promotional items.

We promote sustainable materials that promote ecological awareness among end consumers and we optimize packaging materials, making the most of the useful space in our distributions.

We create new items Minimizing CO2 footprint



We use sustainable and circular economy friendly materials.

sustainable materials

Procurement 360 Services

From the purchase, production, import and distribution of your orders.

Monitor your Campaign in Real Time

If you wish, we do it for you by reporting the status of our shipments to your customers or clients. You decide

Sustainable products

Why Wait?

We bring you the best ideas the same day with everything you imagine or ...even never imagined!.

Focus on what matters

Let us help you as a PARTNER of your department, and rest assured that we will be by your side at all times.

Our Proposal

Meta Ideas takes care of the entire process

Negotiate the best possible price, manufacture the AD-HOC product, import it and deliver it to your warehouse anywhere. We are responsible for ensuring that everything is delivered in a timely manner.

We help you with 360 Procurement and Purchasing Services

How do we do it?

With proven experience over the years, our Procurement and Consulting teams work daily as Preferred Vendor with global organizations in different sectors using resources in all areas of the supply chain management process, offering customized solutions in a reliable way reducing and optimizing costs and deadlines in all operations.

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