About Us

In Meta Ideas we have more than 20 years of experience collaborating as external procurement and purchasing department for global companies in different countries.

We have a central office in Madrid with logistics platforms in Madrid, Valencia and Rotterdam where we unload, prepare, document and distribute to the required points, as well as an office in China for your front line management. In Meta Ideas we focus on providing external service to procurement and purchasing departments of our clients, facilitating all the supply chain in a single supplier.

We design, manufacture, import and distribute all types of promotional and non-promotional materials for both end customers and intermediaries. Our constant inventory with more than 43,000 references in original customizable incentives can be delivered in a few days to provide solutions to our customers' needs or strategic requirements.

We collaborate with the client looking for and developing the ideal concept for their activation campaigns, implementation or expansion of their business.

Productos Adecuados


Legal regulations of the product

At Meta Ideas we share with our clients the knowledge about the different regulations of each product, advising them on the best option for each case.

In each purchasing process we apply a PREVIOUS STUDY protocol, to maximize the total control of each operation such as legal warnings, CE, RoHs, WEEE, RSC labeling, etc.

We comply with all legal regulations (mandatory and optional) for each product, country or territory.


Homologation, audits and quality control

At Meta Ideas we know that Corporate Social Responsibility is a very important area in business competitiveness, that is why we invest in the future by approving suppliers whose products are of interest for our clients' productions.

We have a wide portfolio of suppliers in compliance with the Social Compliance & Supplier Principles to cover Corporate Social Responsibility programs in any field.

Our technical office in China applies our own Quality Control system ensuring the highest levels of quality, safety and delivery in our productions.

We also carry out random quality controls during production and upon completion, with the best companies in the world in this field such as Interteck, SGS, BV, STR.




We collaborate financially in the collection, treatment and recycling of plastic, glass and cardboard, among other materials used in our distributions.

Caytco's staff also collaborates with Greenpeace, supporting sustainability initiatives and active advocacy for environmental care.


  • Implementation of eco-efficient strategies in the supply chain, from manufacturing to distribution.
  • Use of materials and production processes with minimum environmental impact, promoting the use of recycled, organic or ecological materials.

Humanitarian assistance

Caytco has been involved in the project since 2006:
Himalayan HiCap which helps more than 40 orphaned children between the ages of 3 and 12 in Nepal's remote Mustang region each month with 1% of its previous year's profits, providing them with a decent home with daily sustenance, an education and the medical care they need.

During the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015, Caytco stepped up its financial support to assist dozens of children with food and medical care while family members were being traced. Some were left without parents and remain under our protection.


Meta Ideas Europe & Asia

Central Office in Madrid

Logistics platforms in Madrid, Valencia and Rotterdam where we unload, prepare, document and distribute to the required points.

Our own resource office in China

With a department of 5 highly specialized people where we manage in first line the best conditions of quality, price and delivery times.

Internal QC Department

We have an internal QC department that is in charge of performing the quality controls that each production requires.

Audited offices, warehouses and factories in Europe and Asia

The delivery time is closely guided in collaboration with the best and most reliable shipping companies such as MAERSK and MSC by reserving in advance the space on ships and aircrafts where our goods travel in the best conditions.

With whom we work


Meta Ideas PROCUREMENT OUTSOURCING collaborates as a STRATEGIC PARTNER with European and global companies.

They trust us

Customers who trust us for our commitment, extensive experience and the great team of professionals that we put at their disposal to achieve their objectives by providing day-to-day support to their corporate procurement and supply needs.

Clientes Meta Ideas
Clientes Meta Ideas
Clientes Meta Ideas

Why us?



Preferent Supplier of our customers

Proven experience in regional and global markets.

For years, our Procurement and Consulting teams work daily with global organizations in different sectors and countries using resources from all areas of the supply chain management process, reliably delivering customized solutions according to their needs, reducing costs and timelines in a wide variety of projects.

Countless promotions supporting our customers in their objectives, adapting at all times to their needs and changes.

We have our own protocol of action in constant evolution that we apply throughout the supply chain, ensuring the processes until delivery in any country in the world.

We take care of all the aspects involved in our productions. From the meticulous revision of the original designs to reproduce the branding of the client or agency to the final delivery in their warehouses.


Vocation for service

In Meta Ideas we have a true vocation of service, attending the client in all the aspects that he/she entrusts us in an efficient and committed way, because this aptitude has allowed us a long professional relationship with all of them for years.

Our Strengths

  • Quick response time.
  • Personalized advice.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines.
  • No intermediaries (direct door-to-door importer).
  • Extensive experience in the manufacturing, import and distribution of promotional gifts.


We have a large showroom where you can see and touch the latest novelties in promotional products and merchandising.

Nuestro ShowRoom